Submit a session – Online Voting Summit

  • Share your experience and knowledge with others.
  • Discuss ideas and consolidate them in discussions.
  • Inspire people as a speaker and expand your own network.

Call for Participation

Are you interested in participating in our second Online Voting Summit with a presentation, in a panel discussion or in another way? Then please register and submit your proposed topic using the registration window below by 31 August 2023.

At the second Online Voting Summit, we aim to connect the dots: from a vision of the future of democracy, we will consider academic to practical aspects, including perspectives from the world of business, society, politics and legislation, and offer interactive workshops and networking opportunities.


Our focus will be on the following main topics and we’re open to any session proposals you may have:

The future vision of online elections: how would election reporting and election monitoring change if voting were to take place online in the federal election?

Focus on the economy: how does digital transformation help us progress in sustainability terms? How sustainable are online elections really?

Focus on society: global and European outlooks and best practices towards innovations in e-democracy.

Focus on politics and legislation: Transforming democracy: how online elections promote political participation.

Focus on standards and pioneers: Cybersecurity and data protection in online elections: best practices and latest developments.

Interactive workshops: tips and tricks for setting up and implementing online and hybrid elections, development of guidelines.

Networking with fellow practitioners from specific sectors: universities, associations, churches, companies, chambers, cooperatives, cooperative banks, municipalities, and political parties

Can you see yourself participating as a speaker or panellist in one of the topics of interest? Then it’s time: submit your session now for the Online Voting Summit – use the form below by 31 August 2023.

Note: we will pick the most inspiring and fitting programme items from all of the proposals. Submitting proposals doesn’t automatically guarantee a speaker slot.