Review – Online Voting Summit

  • Panel discussions on the challenges and future scenarios for online elections
  • 14 speakers in 8 different formats
  • A very broad and interested audience

2023 review: Democracy goes Digital

The second Online Voting Summit (OVS) on November 15, 2022, was an exciting continuation of the content from the first OVS in 2022. The diverse program went deeper into many topics, highlighted current trends, and led to further high-quality discussions.

We would like to thank all the speakers, the moderator, and the audience for the all-around successful event, which we can consider a major success.

View the recording to the international session here. If you would like to watch please contact us via for the password:

World champions wanted – International perspectives and practical reports on e-democracy (in English)

Internationale Perspektiven und Praxisberichte der E-Demokratie

Gianluca Sgueo, Professor of ‘Digital Democracy in Public Spaces’ at Sciences Po, École d’Affaires Publiques

Thomas Haines, Senior Lecturer and DECRA Fellow at the Australian National University

2022 review: Time to Choose Online Voting

The first Online Voting Summit (OVS) on 10 November 2022 was a resounding success with inspiring and revealing insights into online voting:

  • More than 200 participants
  • 11 sessions
  • A total of 15 speakers and experts

Numerous people were involved both at the forefront and behind the scenes to ensure this event got off to a good start with a variety of presentations, workshops, and discussions from a wide range of fields and on a wide range of topics.

Thank you to all those involved for their amazing support!


Here you can see two English Keynotes. The rest of the OVS programm 2022 was in German.

Trust as a factor for success – which influence do social factors have in the success of online elections?

Jan Willemson

Jan Willemson, Senior Researcher, Cybernetica, Estonia

Online elections – How cryptography can solve the squaring of the circle

Reto Koenig

Prof. Dr. Ing. Reto E. Koenig, Berner Fachhochschule, School of Engineering and Computer Science